+ 40 Women Game Changers or What?

I didn’t want to post someone else’s photo because people become strange when you ask or reveal their age. So I am posting mine as an example of a woman in her 40’s. Am I missing something? Am I enough to have a Leadership role in the industry? Women hold 35% of senior positions, compared to men, who represent 65% of all leadership positions. Even though women account for over half of the workforce in the United States. Only 23% of executives around the world are women. Alternatively, 29% of senior management, 37% of managers and 42% of professional roles. The pandemic made things even worse for working women over 40. Since the beginning of 2020, a large percentage of female workers 40 to 65 lost their job (14 percent), saw their work hours reduced (13 percent), were furloughed (9 percent ) or had their salary or hours cut (4 percent). While unemployment has dropped significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 70 percent of women over 40 who are still unemployed have been out of work for six months or more. Source: The Washington Post. Out of curiosity I googled which are the 10 Best Jobs For A 40- Year-Old Woman and I landed in these results : 1. On line Reseller Jobs 2. Financial Consultant Jobs 3. Online Teaching Jobs 4. Remote Customer Service Representative Jobs 5. Remote Accounting Jobs 6. Life Coaching Or Counselling Jobs 7. Freelance Writer Jobs 8. Virtual Yoga Instructor Jobs 9. Virtual Assistant Jobs 10. Graphic Artist & Illustrator Jobs. Source: naaree.com . I am really interested to know your opinion Ladies. Are these the only jobs that we can do?

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